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WYNC Celebrates 20+ Years!

WYNC just celebrated 20 + years of serving Jesus Christ through talk and music.

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George and Betty Thaxton

Welcome to the new WYNC website. 

We believe God has blessed us with the ability to build this website in order to better fulfill our calling to serve the community of Yanceyville and surrounding areas.  The website is still a work in progress and we will be adding new information in the days and weeks to come.

George always had dreamed of operating a gospel radio because he loves music and entertainment.  As General Manager of WYNC, he is able to bring some of the most well known names in gospel to the area.

They say 'behind every good man is a good woman' and this is certainly true of George.  His wife and partner of 42 years, Betty, serves as Vice President and helps things run smoothly.

We are grateful to have such a wonderful staff to help us serve the Lord in the calling the Lord has given us.


 Join the Yanceyville community as we celebrate the lives and service of George and Betty Thaxton!  Go to our Community Calendar page for all the details.

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WYNC Celebrates 20+ Years!

WYNC just celebrated 20 + years of serving Jesus Christ through talk and music.

Album Review

The Mississippi Mass Choir and Luther Barnes!! He’ll Carry You.
A song of meditation This is an awesome song; that will electrify your mind and soul; the words of this song inspire you and make your worst day turn into one of your best. We need to stand up and be witness daily that: He is the beginning and he is the end of all. He (GOD) will carry us thru no matter what we do.

Eric Campbell WOW!!!! Little more Jesus.
I love Mary Mary…but…Eric Campbell is not coming up short at all. I need a little more Jesus, to help on me along the way. Words! Thoughts! Action! A song to keep you in the rims of God given; especially when you are sometimes being taken out direction of wanting to keep you mind stayed on Jesus.

This month music review is from Lowrush’s Compilation CD, a song title Ain’t That Blessing by article Anthony Walls. This song is upbeat, energize, and encouraging; it amaze me that a simple song with simple word has some much power and passion that can keep us inspirited and motivated. “That’s is always a message in the music.”

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