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Below is a small fraction of the artists you will hear on WYNC 1540 AM:

B T Greene & The Christian Harmonettes - Thank You
Bishop Richard Clean White - I Am Glad
Bro. James Martin & Harmony - He Promise
Byron Cage - Great & Mighty
Curtis Fullard - Satisfied With Jesus
Darrell Mcfadden Be Ready - Darrell McFadden Be Ready
Debra Snipes & The Angels - Give God All My Praises
Dell Woodruff - God Is Good
Doc Mckenzie & The Hi-Lites - One Touch
Dr. Andrew Cheairs & The Songbirds - God Is
Dr. Andrew Cheairs & The Songbirds - Grateful
Evelyn Turrine Agee - Bless The Lord
Evelyn Turrine Agee - Welcome Holy Spirit
Flint Calvaliers - Having Church
Heavenly Stars - Jesus Will
James Fortune & Flya - Track 1
Jekalyn Carr - Track 1
Joshua's Troup - God Is Worthy
Joe Ligon & Mighty Clouds Of Joy - All That I Am
John Thorpe - Strengthen Me
John Thorpe - Stay With Jesus
Kurt Carr - Always Covering Me
Lil Joe Refuge - I Can't Thank God Enough
Luther Barnes & The Sunset Jublalri - Hallelu Leave This World Behind
Mighty Wonders - On The Lord's Side
Marvin Sapp - I Win
Marvin Sapp - The Hymns Medley
North Carolina Comm Choir - Whatever You Need
North Carolina Comm Choir - Vengence Is Mine
Rance Allen - It's You I Trust
Roy & Revelation - Thank You
Roy Relation - My God Know It All
Roy Revelation - The Blame Is On Me
Ruth Black & The Harmonettes - What You Gonna Do
Spiritually Anointed - The Devil Still Messing
Second Chapter Turn It Over To Jesus
The Mighty Tenernears - On The Battlefield
The Mighty Tenernears - What Would My Life Be
The New Joyful Sounds - You Brought Me
Tamela Mann - Take Me To The King
The Flint Cavaliers - Call Him
The Fountain City Spiritualaires - Running For Jesus
The Leggetts Bro. - Going Home Another
The Mighty Harmonaries - Jesus Was Right There
The Napper Singers - On The Lord Side
The Soul Messengerz - Have Mercy On Me
The Tally Boys - Lord You Did It
The Flint Calalier - Willing To Run
The Gospel Legends - House Call
Tim Rogers - Here For You
Tina Jenkins Crawley - Thank You Lord
William Mcdowell - I Belong To You
Big James Barrett & The Golden Jubilees - I Will Praise You
Burnett'S Chapel Male Chorus - Call On Me Jesus
Bis.R.L Ponder & The Ponder Brothers - Jesus Loves Me
Blest By Four - Fire
Blest By Four - I've Got His Word
Chicago Mass - Mighty Good God
Charles Jenkins - Awesome
Debra Snipes & Angels - New Day Dawining
Darrell McFadden - Shame On You
David Harrison & The Bells Of Joy - I Can't Give Up Now
Donald Lawrence & Co. - There Is A King In You [Radio Version]
The Christian Angels - I've Got To Move
The Concert Supremes - All I Want To Do
The Concert Supremes - Down On My Knees
The Gosbilee Jubilee Singers - Sanctuary
The Gospel Kings - Who
The Gospel Legends - I Didn't Deserve It
The Gospel Legends - Long Ago
The Gospel Legends - When We All Get Together
The Legendary Silver Stars - Go Back With Him
The Legendary Silver Stars - Got To Make This Journey
The Legendary Silver Stars - Joy To The World
The Legendary Silver Stars - Prayer Room
The Swan Silvertones - New Jerusalem
Tommy Ellison - Christian Lady
The Singing Stars - Don't Forget The Bridge
The Alabama Spirituals - But You Did
The Brooklyn All Stars - Pray Right On
The Brooklyn All Stars - I Found A Friend
The Caravans - I Won't Be Back
The Echoaires - Lord You Brought Me Through
The Echoaires - Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus
The Echoaires - I Got Shoes
The Gospel Legends - Won't Have To Cry
The Harmonizing Echoes - Just Want To Be Real
The Legendary Silver Stars - Saftey Zone
The Legendary Silver Stars - Been Walking Jesus
The Legendary Silver Stars - Search Me Lord
The Legendary Silver Stars - D'em Bones
The Legendary Silver Stars - Leak In The Old Building
The Loving Sisters - I Am Waiting On Jesus
The Macdonald Sisters - I'll Be Listening
The New Prodigal Sons - I Got A Mind
The New Prodigal Sons - Just A Little Prayer
The Napper Singers - On the Lord's Side
The Soul Messengerz - Have Mercy on Me
The Tally Boys - Lord You Did It
The Flint Calalier - Willing to Run
The Gospel Legends - House Call
Tim Rogers - Here For You
Tina Jenkins Crawley - Thank You Lord
William McDonald - I Belong to You

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Yanceyville, NC 27379

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